funken powtechs


Weighing Auto Feeder & Mixer

Quantitive Feeders (Volumetric)

  • For General Powders (FS model)
  • For Flushable Powders (FI model)
  • For Granules (FRG model)

QUANTITIVE FEEDERS (Gravimetric) Adopting Load cell with a platform scale & control unit equipped with a highly reliable programmable controller with operation display.

  • Weighing Auto Feeder (Loss-in Weight)
  • Loop Conveyor scale (Mass Flow meter)
  • Simple Break Down Feeder (Compa Feeder)
  • Different type of Control Unit options with Enclosure

Continuous Flow Jet Mixer (Powder & Liquid) For continuous moistening, kneading, dissolution of powder with liquid within few seconds

Weighing Auto Feeders

Loop Conveyor Scale
Continous Flow Jet Mixer